Microsoft and Office 365 Security

Microsoft 365 and Office 365 is an industry leading cloud platform. It helps keep employees productive and allows them to work from anywhere in the world. However, the 'out of the box' configuration leaves several security functions disabled or not configured. With the significant increase in cyber crime, your business cannot afford to leave these security functions disabled. Lytespeed Business Solutions Cyber Security team is ready to make your environment safe and secure.

Alerts and Notifications

Monitoring for malicious activity is key to ensuring your organization stays safe in the cloud. With so many types of social engineering attacks (such as 'phishing') becoming prevalent, it is important to know when settings have been changed. Around the clock monitoring of these alerts, will ensure that action is taken to protect your information immediately.

Vulnerability Training and Assessment

Most major Cyber Crimes and attacks that occur today, start with unaware employees. Social Engineering attempts can be very deceptive and can lure your employees into a trap. We offer interactive training and awareness for your all your employees. Metrics allow us to determine which employees are at a higher risk and allow them to be properly educated in deceptive acts. Ask about how our fun and interactive training can help you secure your organization today!

Multi Factor Authentication

Several recent Cyber Attacks could have simply been avoided, by implementing Multi Factor Authentication. Multi Factor Authentication (or MFA) secures your accounts by utilizing more than one method for verification. A strong password is no longer enough to secure your information. Our Cyber Security team can help your employees secure their accounts and educate them in how MFA works.

Policies and Enforcement

Securing your cloud environment is vital to keeping your organization safe. Policies such as password expiration, password complexity, MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) are an example of policies that can be enforced. Utilizing polices, we can enforce these security measures and stop employees form turning them off. These policies ensure new and existing employees are forced to adhere to the security policies implemented.

Auditing and Retention

Enabling auditing, allows us to see vital information in the event of a compromised account. Details such as time, date, device, and location can help determine if someone has gained access to your account. Combined with alerting, action can be taken quickly to secure the compromised account. Additional auditing settings can keep copies of employee emails for your records, ensure emails are not deleted in the event of a legal situation and more.

Disaster Recovery

Imagine all your emails, contacts and/or files were deleted in the cloud by a malicious hacker. Microsoft / Office 365 does have some measures in place to protect against this, but it is not enough. Our industry leading backup solution allows us to backup all your cloud data. This data is stored in encrypted format, in a highly secure data center (HIPAA compliant). Do not take a chance at losing your vital information, let us give you peace of mind with our Cloud Backup service(s).

Schedule your Microsoft 365 / Office 365 Security Consultation

Does your business need your Microsoft 365 / Office 365 environment more secure, and you don’t know where to turn? LyteSpeed Business Solutions offers a full set of Cyber Security services. Everything from the initial assessment to ongoing security monitoring. Schedule a consultation with our Cyber Security experts and learn how we can make your cloud services safe & secure.


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